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Insert blog (Wordpress content) into webflow

We have a blog on wordpress, but would like to create a insert/section on one of our page, so when we update our blog, it would automatically update on our site!

Is it possible??


Hi there, at the moment, there are no native webflow integration with wordpress, however there are a few posts on the forums about using Ultimatum to create a wordpress theme from a webflow generated site… however, if you are not looking to make a theme, and just want to embed your blog page, you can accomplish this one of several ways.

First way, is that you embed the blog post page as an iframe, and you can load the blog post page by it’s URL into your site.

Second way, is that you embed a news reader into your webflow page and point that news reader to your blog RSS feed and just display your latest posts via the news feed.

A third way, would be to use jquery ajax method, and load the blog page into your webflow site using jQuery and Ajax. This also would require a little jquery code and a container div that is named, so you can load the blog page into that container…

There may be other ways also, but it really depends how sophisticated you want to get with it… If you want to explore one of these three options above, please let me know, I can perhaps point you in the right direction for the implementation of this…


Wordpress is creating an XML file that have all blog posts up and running. I’m using this on my old website: where blog title and posts are updated from that XML file dynamically while the website itself is done within Webflow.

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yeah that is a good method to use XML, I forgot WP does that… that is probably the best way to integrate those posts to webflow from WP I think… good one.

Hey @bartekkustra! Very nice method!
Now, how can i import this xml in a specific container of my blog? In every post i have to transfer this XML?

Thanks a lot!!! I hope this great tool (webflow great devs) make some native integration, maybe divided by pages or another stuff!

Thanks again!

@bartekkustra: I tried this method as well but haven’t succeded yet.Can you please elaborate how you did that? Thank you! :blush:

@cyberdave do you have any idea how exactly this can be done?

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Hi cyberdave,

Please how can i integrate this Rent a car - WordPress plugin without using iframe.


Hi @tommy, That’s a good question. Unfortunately, Wordpress plugins are not supported and do not work in Webflow. If you can find a javascript -only- solution from codecanyon, then you can likely get it to work though.

Cheers, Dave

Hi @cyberdave,

I have been reading about WF and WP and I am looking for a simple and quick solution to insert a WP blog into WF. (if one exists)

I would like to learn more about the method you describe using an iframe. Can you perhaps expand on how I may be able to do that?

Perhaps the steps required to do so as I would like to try to get it working.

Here is a copy of my site:

You may notice it has the link at the top “HNW Blog” that points to another page. If you visit the “HNW Blog” you will be directed to another page.

My thoughts were to place my WP blog (yet to be developed) just below the menu, in the area that currently has “BLOG: HIGH NET WORTH AND CYBER CRIME”.

FYI: I will be exporting my WF code to the service that hosts my website and will also host my blog as well.

I am open to any suggestions you may have.

With Gratitude … Anwar

Hi @Anwar, thanks for your post. We do not support embedding a Wordpress blog in Webflow. You might be able to get something working, but I would not recommend this approach of embedding Wordpress via iframe into Webflow.

Since you are exporting your site, you can also create a Wordpress template from the html files that Webflow provides, and that requires Wordpress template/theme development knowledge.

You might check this out method of creating a Wordpress theme using and external tool such as WP Ultimatum:

Hopefully that gives you a direction to go in.

Cheers, Dave

There’s no quick solutions to it. If you need WP for your site, you really need to either follow pingfram’s tutorial (but will cost you $65 - $125 for this framework). Or use a WP Framework that is free - Starker Framework But you have to copy and paste the code manually from WF to WP. :smiley:


Thanks Dave for your taking the time to respond. I am going to give Ultimatum a try. Have a wonderful day!

Thanks @joeyocaro for your response, I do appreciate it. Have yourself an amazing day!

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I’ve built a few Webflow to WordPress sites recently by building a custom 2013 child theme based on the html/css/js from an exported Webflow site. I’ve found that Advanced Custom Fields is a great way to put specific content into different Webflow layouts (so each page has its own page template and field group).

So far I’ve just used it on single-page sales pages websites, but I’m getting ready to integrate a blog into (still in soft launch), so we’ll see how it goes…

I’m a designer, not a developer, and while I’ve been able to make this work so far, I’d love to work with a hardcore WP dev to see how far we can take this concept, especially for custom themes for clients. (I’ll be hardcore stalking some at WordCamp San Diego in March, lol!) I’d love to try building a child theme for Genesis based on the Webflow way of doing things, for instance.

Anyway, as you can tell this is my new obsession :wink: I’m really excited about the possibilities.


Shalom cyberdave

What code do I need to paste into the HTML Embed element in order to embed the blog post as an iframe?

The page i want to embed is:

thank you

Yoram Raz

Ok I worked it out. It got the code from another site. Thanks

What did you use? That’s a huge topic here and I’m sure it would be helpful for other users :wink:

Shalom David,

I used the following iframe code:

<iframe width="100%" height="1400px" frameborder="0" src=""></iframe>

I created a section, then inserted the embed widget with the above code without placing it in a container (so as to display the full width of a wordpress site.

There is a problem however, as you cannot login to your wordpress account while visiting my blog on my webflow site. This means people can’t interact with your blog properly…

The height I choose as it seemed fairly optimal…

If you want to see how it looks, visit:

G-d Bless

Yoram Aharon