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News Feed or Blog

Is there anyway to embed or build a newsfeed or blog type feature in webflow which updates when a new story is posted?

I created a specific Twitter account for a client, made his wordpress blog tweet new posts with a plugin, and then used embed code from Twitter to embed a newsbox on the Webflow site. i agree this is minimal but it works.

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You can also embed a naked Tumblr feed and style it inside designer. Its cumbersome because you have to look up the css class and style it, publish and then look at the design.

As I write this i think maybe this way is better. Make a new blog page and style like you want but use the classes that Tumblr use. And when your done embed the code, and hopfully voilá :grinning:

I’ve started testing myself just a little bit over here Tumblr test
Maybe takes a little bit longer to get right and maybe embeds is not the best solutions for SEO and ranking. But the customer gets a really easy way of blogging with the Tumblr app, and if customer wants to leave Webflow everything is still on Tumblr servers.

Heres some info from Tumblr about theming, and there are also the classes needed. Tumblr custom themes
The code I used for embedding(insert on the blog page in webflow):

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://YOUR-TUMBLR-SITE-NAME-HERE"></script>

Good luck :smiley:


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