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Wordpress XML Export

Good day all!

I’ve been looking at a simple integration of a blog I have on Wordpress. I know the whole blog conversation comes up a lot and I’m aware that CMS/ Blog features may be in the pipeline for Webflow.

What I am looking to do at the moment is take the XML Export from Wordpress and embed it into a page I’ve made on Webflow. It was mentioned in another post but no details were provided on how to actually embed the XML. I’ve tried to do the old copy and paste into a code snippet element in the designer but it isn’t generating anything, just displaying the XML code Wordpress has exported.

Any advice on this would be smashing! Cheers.

Hi. XML is not a program language, it’s only a text file with architectured data.

If it’s a blog you want to achieve, with the XML as a source database, you need a CMS, it’s a content management system, you can call that a program, or an engine. (Wordpress is one).

So I guess it’s possible to use XML data as source database with a webflow site, but it would require a program, for example coded in Javascript. This program would be hosted somewhere online, and called by a line of HTML in the header of your site. Then you would need some custom fields attached to some elements in your Webflow pages for the data to be pasted automatically where it belongs.

So in any case you need some kind of serious decelopment.

What is it you’re trying to achieve exactly?

Awesome, excellent info as always Vincent! :smile:

I’m really just trying to achieve a blog page for a website where my client can log into a blog tool such as wordpress, create a post and then that post to appear on the blog page.

I’ve looked over the guide for creating an Ultimatum theme for Wordpress using Webflow but it seems like a ‘sledge hammer to crack a nut’ solution for my issue.

I know I could use an iframe to embed the Wordpress blog into Webflow but it’s not really the right thing to do and is a bit messy.

I have to disagree. You can import data from XML file and “work on them” within website by using JavaScript. That’s some advanced JavaScripting to which you might need to hire a ninja developer :P


I see what you did there! :wink:

Yeah unfortunately the code side of things is where I am struggling at the moment. The temporary fix might have to be a naughty iframe and see if the Webflow team have a CMS/ Blog solution in the near future.

If I said the contrary then I didn’t want to (:

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