Indexing the website


I have come to the (almost) end of my website, I wanted to thank everybody who helped me so far.

I have a last question that I could not find an answer to :

I tried to index my website, so that it can be found on browsers through basic researches.

I currently have the CMS webflow subscription, and have published several times the website. I also connected the website to analytics / search console.
But even tho I did this about a week ago, I cannot find the website on a browser (even with a precise query, and the name of the website isn’t very common).

When I go to the “indexing” part of the website, this is written :

Do you have any advise to solve this issue ?

Thanks a lot


The screenshot you’re showing is for Webflow’s internal site search.
It has nothing at all to do with Google’s search results or SEO.

Check Search Console for info on how Google’s indexing is going, it can take quite some time, depending.

Meanwhile, just keep investing in your site content and SEO work and you’ll get good results over time.

Thank you for your answer, i’m going to check this.

Have a nice day