Index a webpage quickly


I have created my website months ago, I have configured everything necessary in SEO within the Webflow settings, but even Google does not index the website even when people search for the company name and keywords. Not even Chat GPT manages to find the web page.

I was told that there are tips, shortcuts and plugins that can be used to speed up and improve indexing. Do you know which ones they are?

It is already indexed in Google Search Console but still does not appear in the search engine.

I will appreciate your help,

Your link (which I believe should end with “.io” rather than “.com”?) appears to be a staging site.
Were you able to enable the auto-generated sitemap? Or did you manually create one and upload to console? Were you able to verify a staging site? Seems like there’s a critical element missing here.

Hi Sebastian,

Adding to Port of Folio’s comments;

I’ve found your public site here;

Make sure that’s the one you’ve actually submitted to Google Search Console.

Your Sitemap appears fine, and I don’t see any robots.txt blocking search engines.

The rest is content and marketing. You appear to have almost no actual content on your site, so there is nothing for Google to index.

Note that you do appear in search results, however your pagerank would be extremely low.