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Incredibly Laggy in Chrome with Webflow

I am using a newer version of Macbook Pro, and with my site, Webflow is running very sluggish with Chrome.

At the moment, Safari is doing better with web flow, but every time I have to export, I need to switch to chrome just for exportation since Safari doesn’t support blob exportation.

Is there anything I can do to get my workflow faster in Chrome? Every change I make, it takes 2-3 seconds to load since it keeps saving every single time.

Please help, it’s affecting my workflow a lot =/

Just got this 2 minutes ago.

Hi @liberrtines, sorry to hear Chrome is misbehaving for you!

First off, please disable any Chrome extensions, as we’ve had issues with them in the past. And be sure to update Chrome to the latest version by selecting: Chrome > About Google Chrome.

Also- which version of OSX are you running?


I have no extensions actually on Chrome, I have the latest version of Chrome.
For OSX, I am running 10.9.

I just tried to use webflow with Chrome now, and still impossible to use at the moment. I am using Safari for modifications and Chrome for exportation.

Thanks for the info @liberrtines, let’s continue the discussion in a PM and get this resolved for you.