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Increase max length of alt text?

Hi there,
Im tinkering with the CMS and multi-image-mode and showing the alt text for each image inserted as per the solution here.

BUT – is there any way of going past the max length of 250 characters of the alt text? If I go anywhere above I get a error saying “Validation Failure” when saving the collection.

Here is my public share link:

Nope. This is a hard limit enforced by Webflow… Based on the its purpose it is generous.

An alt attribute’s value should clearly and concisely describe the image’s content. It should not describe the presence of the image itself, or the file name of the image. If the alt attribute is purposefully left off because the image has no textual equivalent, consider alternate methods for presenting the content the image is trying to communicate. -MDN

Alright, thanks!

This as still a workaround until captions work with multi-image-fields…