CMS Images Dynamic Alt Text Audit Bug

Any time I add an image from a CMS Collection item and set the Alt Text to use the Collection item’s name or description, it still fails the Webflow audit and complains that it’s missing an Alt Text.

I think this is a bug on Webflow’s Audit module. Perhaps it not having a set static Alt Text is making it think it doesn’t have one? The Audit is missing a check that it has a dynamic Alt Text set. Kind of annoying because I have 10+ of these Audit warnings on the page.

Here’s a screenshot showing the error and the input where the Alt Text is set from the Name of the Collection Item.

Here’s that same live page where you can inspect and see that the image is indeed getting an Alt Text field, dynamically from the icon’s name.

This is still broken. Could it be happening if a draft blog post that’s still WIP and not published doesn’t have a Post Summary?