Alt text for collection item images

I always encounter this and don’t see anyone else with the issue, so maybe I’m just doing something wrong. As per the screenshot, I have an image that is giving me an audit panel error for “Missing alt text”, but it’s linked to the Name field in the collection.

I have hundreds of these errors throughout the site. Surely you don’t have to create a specific “Alt text” field in the CMS to link to. Especially if the Name field is available in the setting panel.

Thanks for any help!

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Webflow maybe consider that the Name field, which is a particular field in the collection as it serves for an item’s identification, can’t be an appropriate a11ble description for an image — and I think they’re right.

An alt image description is something particular that has to be written in a certain way, and rarely a Name field can carry such a description.

Thanks, Vincent, I guess so. In my experience clients won’t fill in an “Alt Text” field for every image in a collection - especially descriptive ones. In the end, I’ll educate them about alt tags and offer them the choice. It’s then up to them about how much work they’re willing to put in. Like I said, the name is actually populating the alt tag on the published site - it just registers as an error in the designer.

There is no point at all linking the name field to the alt desc field of an image.