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Image Alt Tags and CMS

So, I’ve built a portfolio on my Webflow site and have used the CMS to populate my “featured project” pages. Each image I’ve added uses a CMS field entry for the alt text which of course reduces the amount of images I can add per page. Currently, I have a maximum of 10 images that I can add.

Is there another method of adding alt-text (perhaps calling to the image name rather than using up a field?)

Thanks in advance!


Hard to understand your issue - one way to dynamic alts to cms:

-or- use the “new” CMS multi-image field (For image gallery)

Please add more specific Q (maybe also add a screenshot).
** Great portfolio by the way :slight_smile:

Thanks Ezra,

At the moment, I’m filling the alt text using the dynamic alts method you suggest using standard images. So, for any image In my CMS, it appears like this :


Each image in the CMS (In this example, Image 2) has a text field that I also make the alt text.

My issue is that I’m running out of fields to add images.

(also, thanks! I’m glad you like my portfolio)