Increase 80 Page Limit?

I’d really like to know if there is a technical reason why the 80 page limit cannot be increased?

I’m using Webflow to create template pages which all share the same CSS, and it’s an excellent tool for doing so. When I reach the 80 page limit I’ll have to split the templates into two sites. If I then make a global change to one site, I’ll have to replicate in the other site (so easy to make a mistake).

@PixelGeek said in a post in Jun15:
"At this time, page limits are fixed and cannot be increased. This is something we plan to improve in a future release. "

I’m only up to 50 pages (which includes forms) at the moment, but the day is going to come, so is there any chance of lifting this limit as @PixelGeek hinted?

Many thanks

I think if you need more pages you should take the professional plan or higher. I really don’t see the use of having 80 pages on a site for personal use [assuming you are on the personal plan] :smile::grinning:

Hi @pnewest if you’re needing more than 80 static pages, that could be really tough of a site to maintain. Have you considered using our Dynamic features and page templates?

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Thanks for your reply but I thought Personal and Professional were both 80 pages.

I’m pretty sure professional is 100 pages and if you need more you can contact Webflow and they will see what they can do. Is that right @PixelGeek ?:grinning:

Hi @pixelgeek

Thanks for your suggestion but as the pages have unique features they work well as they are before exporting and building php sets (and are really simple to maintain in Webflow). Worst case is I split out the forms as I’m not likely to ever go past 80 templates and once a full set of forms are done all css variables will be set (if not I’ll just add any additional css to an extras.css) - just would have been a little easier to maintain.