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What is the maximum number of pages i can create for the site using plan "micro"?

What is the maximum number of pages i can create for the site using plan “micro”?

Hello @Daniel_Ace, The maximum number of pages for the Micro, Personal and Professional plans is currently 80 pages.

If there is anything else that we can help you with, please let us know.



I’m flabbergasted.

Why is there a maximum number of pages for a paid plan? This is not even listed in the pricing table. If I had only looked at the small footprint of the page.

My current situation: I’m on professional plan, working on a large company project. Something very similar to your webflow-helpdesk and my “add page” button VANISHED without any notification why.

This is terrible news for me. Not only will it force me to drop webflow but I’ll need to recreate those pages elsewhere which will cost me days.

Is there any solution for this? Can you make an exception for my account?

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Me too I totally agree its total madness and the only reason I have not joined a paid webflow account yet. Think webflow must be the only one that restricts pages limits.

Webflow has everything I want. I only want to build one website not 50.

Its terrible news for me too as I will need unlimited pages as have lots of galleries I want on separate pages.

Really wish they would remove this major restriction too as its stands I will not sign up.


A solution would be to duplicate the site, do 80 pages in site A, 80 pages in site B, export both, throw them together and upload it on our own ftp.

This is ridiculous. Why can’t I have those 160 or more pages in 1 project.

Edit: oh my, of course this won’t work either. Imagine having a nav with links to pages which are not included. I guess those links will break then.

I have waited a while now to see if they would make any changes to this 80 page limit as yet nothing. I have been testing and am now on the verge of signing up with another website builder. Shame as I would have gone with Webflow if the limit was not there.

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The 80 page limit kills it for me too. I was planning on signing up but the limit means that Webflow doesn’t meet my needs.

Hi @sparrowroberts, the 80 pages is the default page limits, but it is now possible to those customers who absolutely have an immediate need for this, to upgrade to a Small Team Plan, which allows for 100 pages per site. If needed, additional page packs may be purchased. If you want more information on that, please send us an email at Cheers, Dave

Hi @cyberdave=) What kind of additional packages you are talking about?
A few days ago I wrote in support of it , but I was told about the maximum possible limit of 200 pages. Something has changed? Tell us more please.


Hi @Daniel_Ace, the default limit is 80 pages for Micro, Personal and Professional plans. The Small Team Plan comes with 100 pages and for those who might need it, we can add some additional pages for a fee, but the absolute max limit for a site is 200 pages. If a team needs additional pages, we handle that on a case by case basis. We recommend people who need more pages, to contact to our so we can support each request.

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