100 page limit!

Why on earth does web-flow only allow for 100 pages!

This is like InDesign stopping you from making a book no bigger than 100 pages!

This has now completely crippled my current project. I am on a pro plan with webflow. No hosting, I have my own hosting and use Webflow to strickly export off the html.

So why would they cap me from exporting a site larger than 100 pages which I’d like to place on my hosting? Granted not a lot of people would make a site over 100 pages, but for unique projects like I’m working on, I cant see how this would impact them technically in any way. Especially when each page is very simple and lightweight.

They allow for up to 400GB+ of space, but no bigger than 100 pages? Seems really bizarre to me! Who would possibly have a website over 400GB under 100 pages?

Why can’t the page number be unlimited?

Hey @Gareth_david,

I recommend deleting this post immediately. Then contact support directly and explain your unique situation. I agree with you, but this is stated on the pricing pages. I think you could speak to someone about your options. Your situation is unique and very rare. Give them a call.

Have a great weekend!

I won’t delete it, this is a legitimate concern.

I have been using Webflow for years, it’s only recently I have I created the project and did not realize the cap. I have seen the price plans and there seems to be this arbitrary cap on each plan.

I’d love to speak to someone about it, if there was actually someone to speak about it, as there is no option to speak to a human about this.

Regardless of my unique project, the page cap needs to be lifted, there is a lot of people talking about this, so clearly there is a need.

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Yeah I hear ya, but it will look better just coming from you instead of open like this :grinning:
They don’t have to do it… yet it will give you better chance for success privately.

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