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Increase page limits on individual and team plans

Loving web flow but disappointed with the restriction of 80 -100 pages.

When building I will always need to think will I need more pages. I am sure I could use those 80 pages easily as I don’t like long lengthy pages.

It really does seem a silly restriction as most other web builders ie squarespace don’t have this restriction.

Are there any plans to change this as I consider it a stalling point on using web flow.


Will do, thank you very much.

Also, are you guys always going to have a page cap?

Yes this will be a show stopper for us too, we need up to 200 pages.

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Hi @Crownife,

The quick answer to your question is that the way page limits are handled now will change :slight_smile: We know that Page Limits has been an ongoing concern for some customers and we are addressing this :slight_smile: You can rest assured, it will be a lot more flexible once we release updates for this :smile:



Thanks Cyberdave, any update on release dates, we are planning out the new website now and page limits will have a significant impact on how we do this?

Hi @LuxuryPeruTravel, we do not have a release date or ETA for this announced. If you reach your page limit, please contact so that I can discuss this directly with you.


Yes, finally! I want to post around 20-30 blog posts a month and this will really help.

Maybe even having an unlimited package? Like unlimited pages and unlimited form submissions for $59/mo? I would pay that.

We love webflow, but in 4-6 weeks we will reach the page limit and have to look for an alternative.

We don’t need many projects, but we would love to have more pages per project!


I’ve just discovered Webflow. It’s a superb tool and a pleasure to use – except that now I can’t use it to build my site. I need at least 150 pages, and possibly as many as 500.

As others have pointed out, there are no page limits on Squarespace or Weebly. Is it a technological problem, or a matter of pricing? Because I don’t mind paying more. When will page limits be increased – a month, three months, ever?

There was a lot of talk last year about increasing page limits. Has this been handled yet or are we still limited to 80 pages… over a year later?