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Incorrect font weight showing up in Webflow Editor (Safari)


I have developing a website:

I tried to set a font height for 500. It changes font weight in a designer, but once I publish a website. Online version has still normal font weight. Why I cannot change a font weight to 500?

You have a custom font that you’ve uploaded. Have you uploaded multiple weights of that font? The only one that’s loading on your page is this:

Can you provide a public share link so we can look into this a bit more?

Here’s how you can provide a public share link. Thanks! :wink:

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In my designer fonts look normal, but then I publish it doesnt appear as its in designer.

It seems the share link isn’t showing up for us:

could you try this one?

you see. in a designer fonts are normal. But in my published page fonts are more thick:

what is causing this problem?

What type of computer and monitor are you using? I am using a Mac Book Pro Retina Display and the font looks the same in both designer and live site. :wink:

I use macbook air. Safari

so why I see different font on my end than it is shown in a designer?

What browser and version do you use?

To be clear, the font weight of 500 is showing up in the published site. In fact, if you look at the published site in Safari, Chrome, or Firefox, it’s displaying 500. Proxima Nova 500 is Proxima Nova’s “Medium” font weight. What you’re seeing in Safari before publishing (inside the Webflow Editor) is Proxima Nova’s Light font (300). Yes, this behavior is odd in Safari, but 500 is what you’ve told it to do, and in the published site, 500 is what you’re getting.

Here’s a side-by-side using Safari on a non-retina display. Top is the published site, bottom is the Webflow Editor.

And here’s the official font sample on Adobe’s Typekit website, which demonstrates that you are indeed getting the font weight of 500 on your published site:

To summarize, this does seem like a bug in Safari or Webflow which is showing the incorrect font in the Editor. I’ve edited the post title and category to reflect this.

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