Web font weight is not accurate in webflow designer

Hello Webflow Forum.

I have a problem with web fonts rendering at the correct weight within Webflow designer. The web fonts within the WF staging site are rendering like for like with the Sketch file. However, when seen side by side (on-screen) the WF fonts are slightly heavier.

It is a subtle but important difference.

Does anyone know why this might be.



Howdy @FutureDays and welcome to the community :wave:

The thread below should be what you’re looking for:

Instead of using the page or project code, just toss this into an embed element on the page and you’ll see the changes live in the Designer :+1:

Thank you Mikey.

I appreciate your advice.



Hello! :wave:
I’ve been trying pasting that piece of code but I haven’t succeeded :thinking:
I’ve tried pasting it in the project custom code section, and also in the page. I’ve tried Chrome, Safari (in OS), also Windows 10(Edge).
I’ve tried putting that piece of code alone and between , and between . (I don’t know coding)
I’ve tried with another font.


That’s the way the font is distorded:

These are some ways I’ve tried to put the code:

Captura de Pantalla 2022-06-15 a las 19.11.09

The other font:

Am I doing something wrong?
The last doubt I have is that @ollivere says that only when the site is published we’re able to see the changes, but does he mean the webflow.io publishing or the custom domain one?

Help would be appreciated :hugs:
Thanks in advance, Celia.

@celiabarajasc - CSS code has to be inside of a style block.

<style> selector { your css } </style>````
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thank you! now it’s neat :star_struck: