Font weights not working

So I’ve been trying to use the font Avenir on my website but no matter which font weight I select, it always falls back to the ‘Normal’ font weight. I’ve tried uploading the font in all supported file formats but nothing seems to work.

I’d greatly appreciate if someone could help me with this. Thanks :slight_smile:

In the preview link below you can see Avenir - Extra Light being used in the main header ‘Design Meets Simplicity’ but yet it shows as Avenir - Normal (everywhere - in the designer, on the site preview and on the published website)

Here is my site Read-Only:

Published Site:

I am not sure that this is the solution but it worth checking out and making sure that when you have added the AVENIR fort to your site you have successfully uploaded all the variants that you are trying to use.

I believe avenir is not a font that is available in Webflow by default so you must have added it somehow, this is the only place that I can think of that you might have some sort of error - since there is no reason otherwise to have the issue you are having…

It shows avenir light (font-weight:200) everywhere for me.

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