In Safari, images load fine on one page, same images appear as broken links on another

Hello everyone!

I’m having difficulty understanding why images appear broken in Safari on one page yet load perfectly fine on another. On top of that, everything is displaying properly across the board in Chrome.

Specifically, I copied over this logo bar design element from our homepage where all the logos display properly:

And pasted it directly into this new page I’m designing where they now render as broken images:

I’m also discovering that our company’s logo at the top of the page is not displaying at all within Safari as well as the logo for our second customer quote. As mentioned earlier, I’m not having these display issues whatsoever when viewing in Chrome.

Any insight you all might have would be appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Here is the published link:

Hi Rob,

I previewed the page in the designer and assets were missing where they were on the published share.

When I look at the the published URL you shared I get a series of 403 Forbidden Error (access denied) server errors on the missing assets. You probably are looking at cached data on Chrome as I checked on different browsers and got the same errors.

I can’t help you with Server errors so I recommend you contact Webflow support. Looks like a permissions issue on some of your asset files.

Let us know what the resolution was when you get it.

Jeff, really appreciate your quick reply here. I’m pretty sure my workflow for designing this page set me up for failure. I created a copy of our entire website as a new project when first starting to lay this thing out … just in case I really screwed up some global classes without realizing it right away.

When I was happy with the final result, I wrapped this new page layout in a div, and copied it from one project to another (our main website).

After reading your comment, I went in and reloaded each image asset and now things are displaying properly across browsers.


p.s. I will definitely stop designing in copied versions of our site from here on out :wink:

I have had no issues myself when duplicating a project and using that as a “playground” for iterations and experiments. It’s a lot of work to keep track of what changes and update the hosted site. Personally I keep a offline version of projects that I scraped to make a copy of and then commit to version control. Then I can compare them and see the diffs to be sure. I would not need to if I was not hitting up against the “page” limits.

Hit me up if you need assistance. Later.