CMS Images not loading on select browsers

Hi there. I have populated a CMS collection list with logos on the page linked at the end (all svgs) and haven’t had a problem until earlier today, when some logos stopped appearing on both Firefox and Safari, respectively. I’ve attached some screenshots below.

On both browsers, the developer console states that it could not load the image.

Meanwhile, all logos continued to appear on chrome (below), which has me perplexed.

There were no changes to the site during the period when this started popping up. I have also already tried changing file location, name, and type to no avail.

Read-only link:

Live site:

Would appreciate any help with this.

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Hey Robert!

After a bit of snooping around, I’m positiv on the issue.
It seems like two of your svg files are loaded with the wrong content-type.

Here’s a working svg:

Here’s one of the broken ones:

This is a issue with the server serving that wrong content-type, there’s nothing you can do client-side about this!

  1. Try re-uploading the svg to WF and change it’s filename and reinsert it into the cms item.

  2. Try using the svg’s not inside an <img>element but rather as a background-image on a div

Those above should work best, maybe a simple re-upload of those two broken ones will work?!

If all these fail, you could also encode the svg’s to base64 but I guess that’s not the best solution.

Keep me postet on progress or problems!
Always happy to help!

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