Images Not Consistently Displaying Across Browsers Since 4.08.2023

Hello esteemed Webflow community,

I’ve run into a perplexing issue on our website that I hope someone can help with. Our page has been running smoothly for months, but starting from 4.08.2023 (without making any edits), we’ve been experiencing problems displaying some images on certain browsers. Here’s a breakdown of our observations:

  1. Chrome Desktop: The images sometimes display perfectly, but at random moments, they fail to load.
  2. Chrome Mobile on iOS: A mix of experiences among users - some can view all images without a hitch, while others face issues.
  3. Microsoft Edge: Unfortunately, this is a universal problem. Images don’t display for anyone. (Classic Edge, right? :sweat_smile:)
  4. Safari and Brave: Similar to Chrome Mobile, it’s hit or miss. Some users can view the images, while others can’t.

We’ve attempted a solution by re-uploading the images. Though this seemed to momentarily resolve the issue, the problem re-emerged after just a few minutes.

Has anyone else faced a similar situation or could possibly shed some light on a potential fix? Your assistance is much appreciated.

Best regards and looking forward to your insights.

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@Martin_Dadak - The normal process of debugging website issues is to leverage the browser built-in debugging tools. There are a host of reasons why you could be experiencing loading / page issues and that is the only way to pin them down. If you can’t pin your issues down try Webflow support. If you aren’t happy with that route I offer consulting in this space and have over 20+ years enterprise experience doing so. Should you need professional assistance feel free to reach out.