In a collection list, is there a way to filter out the latest item?

I have a page that has a list of blogs. In the design, the latest post is big and the rest are small.

I know theres a way to make the first post look different, but because of the way the design is, I have to do more than change the style, I have to add divs and text and stuff. So the latest post is structurally different than the rest. So I have one collection that just shows one post (the latest), and another collection list that shows the rest.

My problem is with the second collection, because it still shows the latest post and I need it to not do that. There doesn’t seem to be a way to filter out the latest post and show only the ones after. What would be the best solution for this? Filtering by published date doesnt work because the client may not post something new and eventually the latest post will show. Or they could post more than one back to back and the second latest will not show.

My thought is that I could add a toggle field to the blogs and manually toggle on only the latest post. But I’m hoping there is something better because I dont want my client to have to remember to toggle it on and then toggle the old post off every time there is a new blog entry.

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