Filter content in collection list to show most recent content

Hello, I have created a website that will be utilized for posting blog content. I have formatted two collection lists. One collection list is to be used in the header as the month’s main topic. I have a second collection list below it that will show blog posts from previous months. Both of these collection lists are pulling data from the same CMS collection.

How do I hide the same blog post from being shown in both collection lists? Ideally, the header blog in the first collection list isn’t being shown in the second list at the same time.

My ultimate goal here is that when a new blog is entered into the CMS collection it is automatically formatted into the first collection list, and the blog post that was previously there gets sent to the second collection list.

Any suggestions to solve this would be great!

Thank you!!

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Alright I may have solved my own problem but would love to hear from the community! When new content is added to a CMS collection a toggle can be added to be “featured?”. A filter can then be added to each collection list to either show or not show that “featured?” content.

My only issue with this is that new content added will need this toggle on, and previous content that had it on will need to be turned off (so content shifts dynamically downward from collection list 01 to collection list 02).