Featured blog post

I have 2 collection lists: the first shows just one featured blog post (the newest one). The second list shows all non-featured blog posts.

How can I show in the second list all blog posts (featured and non-featured) without the newest featured (which is showed the first list)? Just showing all non-featured posts and manually removing the featured-flag from the old post every time I post a new featured post is not an option :wink:

Welcome to Webflow Community.
In my opinion, you should need to add a Switch into the CMS named “Featured” and also need to add a number for the sort order.
Then you can filter what to display on the page.
If you still need help DM :slight_smile:

I do have this slider :slight_smile: I filter the featured posts in the second list out, so that a post is never displayed in both lists at the same time… but that way, I have to toggle off the feature-slider for all posts except the newest featured post.

Hi SBV, the way to do this is to use Webflow’s limit items feature.


Setup both collection lists with the same sorting and filtering, and then;

  • On your featured post list, activate Limit items, with Start at = 1 and Show = 1
  • On your unfeatured post list, activate Limit items, with Start at = 2, and Show = 100 ( the max )

I’ve done this but then the Unfeatured list disappears when I set the Filter to Featured is Off