How many blogposts per page?

I have set up a blog in Webflow as I plan to move from SQSP, but I have one gripe;

when I have 100 posts I don’t want them all on the same page cuz I think (I don’t know for sure) that this would mean a gigantic lead-time.

Any suggestions or help is deeply appreciated!

Geir, total newbie. =)

Hi @geirwerner70, thanks for the good question.

You can add up to 20 collection lists per page, up to 100 cms items per collection list. You can limit the number of items in the collection list, see this article:

I hope this helps

Thanks, I will read up on this. I love the way I can get (almost) the look I want, designwise, so Webflow is such a revelation for me after 10 years on Squarespace (wich I still love)…


What is collection list vs a cms item? I guess a cms item is a blogpost?

Hi @geirwerner70, so think a collection list is just a way for you to show up to 100 cms items on a page.

Each collection list is a collection of cms items and you can display 1 or more fields from each cms item

(i.e think thumbnail linking each collection item to the main blog post on the collection page).

Here is a good article: