Import CSV Number Data Type


I just discovered Webflow and excited to dig right in. I’m having trouble importing CSV into the number data type. It’s greyed out. I suspect there’s a type mismatch between the data, which is a number but appears as a string due to the CSV format, and what the number CMS field expects. Is there a workaround for this?

Thank you!

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Hi there @skellogg, you might check that the CSV is in UTF-8 format and see if that helps, if not, get in touch with me with your site details and csv file here:

I will be happy to check on that further.

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Anyone figure this out? I’m running into the same issue with both the number and category. Category is an easy workaround, but number still isn’t working. I have checked to ensure that the file is in UTF-8 format as well.

I am having the same hassle. Need a solution fast.