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Issues with CSV import


I am experiencing a few issues when trying to import a CSV file to a collection:

  1. I seem to be unable to import any “Number” type values. The field name is unavailable (greyed out) in the Map To dropdown list. Is that so, or can I modify the respective CSV field in some way to make the value acceptable by Webflow?

  2. While unordered lists denominated in the CSV by the “ul” and “li”… tags are interpreted correctly in the Rich Fields, I cannot find a way to import line breaks in the same way; neither “br” nor “/br” works (here I am using double quotes in place of <>). Is there a way to achieve that?

  3. I need to import images using their URL. This works correctly when using a regular (https://) URL, but since in my case, the images are located on an FTP server, I need to use a URL in the form of “”. (Sorry for not including the login here.) This URL works when pasted into the browser address line, but yields an error “Link to image is broken and will not be imported” upon import setup in Webflow. Any workaround here, please?

Thank you very much for any hints!

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Hi there :slight_smile:
I really hate to pester, but… I guess these issues could be best addressed, or explained, by some of the Webflow stuff… Any chance for some assistance here, please? :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!!