Importing CSV NUMBER FIELD still not working?

Hey guys, I’m having trouble importing CSV files with numbers and linking them to Number fields in Webflow. I see that this is an on going issue here, so did anyone find a workaround for this?

Thanks a lot!

Difficult to help without further details — but having wrestled with the CSV import quite a bit, I’ve usually found it’s something obvious you may have overlooked in Excel/Google Sheets or wherever you are editing your spreadsheet. Look at the cell formats, or check for errors. One error usually throws off the entire import.

As Shawn said, one error throws off the entire import so it’s hard to debug.

You could try importing your CSV with PowerImporter instead. At least it will give you a detailed log of the results and you can compare the CSV values side-by-side with your Webflow CMS items. That’s usually enough to figure out what the problem is.

Look, I get that you’re trying to hustle, Marc, but this is probably the 5th time I’ve seen a forum post where someone is asking a question about Zapier or NoBull or CSV import and you’ve popped in to market your own product. You’re not being helpful, you’re just trying to get free marketing. Please stop doing this and help keep the Webflow forums a supportive environment free from spam and marketers.