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Images randomly disappearing? Broken image links


I am building my portfolio with Webflow.
As I was replacing photos on one of the pages, something started to happen which I hadn’t seen before. The images I tried to use would not show up and the Lightbox container would be as empty as it was basically 0px wide. Some previously uploaded images would work (show up), but some previously uploaded images seemed to have broken links now, without any logic in which is which. And when I tried to publish, I would now see text and no formatting.

Even images on the dashboard seem to be broken all of a sudden:

I am utterly confused and helpless at this point.

Has anyone had similar issues before? I also contacted the support, but as I am not a paying member yet, this might go rather unnoticed.

Read-only link: Webflow - Tarvo Metspalu

Published address:

Hi @Tarvo_Metspalu,
i haven´t experienced this before. Seems like a bug. Can you attach some more examples. I’m assuming that you didn’t delete the pictures in the image tab… ?

Do you use any kind of blocking firewall? Pihole or sth? Because this can cause in broken (not available) links.

Btw. i love your use of webflow ix. Your idea with the eyes is amazing. :smiley:


Thanks for the prompt reply, useful insight and the praise, Maxi. :slight_smile: I located the issue.

The problem: my router DNS started to misbehave suddenly, reacting to some recently uploaded file names or something like that.

The solution: had to change my DNS. Now everything is OK again. :wink:

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