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Broken Images from one second to another..access denied

Hi guys…

I’m relatively new to the whole thing so please don’t mind possible mistakes in the coding :wink:

Besides this… there is a problem with my Images which started right some minutes ago. One moment they were all there… the next only one picture is left and the others are displayed as broken.

I have to say, that i embedded the main part of the lp as third party code, meaning that the Images have to be placed via copied url, not the designer.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Hi @Zeehtbert,

Where are those images hosted? (Obviously Webflow, I mean who’s website?)
If you try to go to any of these images url, you get this:

Which means it is not there or you don’t have an access to it.

A solution could be to upload these photos to this project, and use the url Webflow gives them to paste inside the html code.

A better approach will be to not use the embed custom code element at all, since you don’t really need that. The code inside is a very very simple html code, which can be created natively in webflow, and will give you easier and much greater editing options.

Hi avivtech,

thank you for your answer.

This is exactly what i tried to do…sorry not to mention that in my description… so my confusion was even greater when i could not access the images any more. I uploaded them to the project of course.

The major part is the css-custom code in the head by the way…but i see the point, I at least could replace the html embedment for maybe solving the image problem…

When I update the links it seems to work ok:

Hmmm, okay i reconnected… but cannot imagine why the url switched automatically… i did not change a thing…thank you so far…

@avivtech then i just have to figure out, why the whole thing is not displayed correctly in our shop :smiley:

This is how I see it:

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