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Broken images on past projects

For the last two days some of my projects have many broken image links when I have returned to them. Today the same thing happened, what going on?

Hi @Leif,

We had an issue yesterday morning with our CDN provider, and as a result we’ve had some reports of broken images. If you re-publish your Webflow sites from the dashboard– that should repair the image urls.

If that doesn’t solve the issue, please send us an email at with the affected sites.


@Leif - as @danro mentioned we had trouble with our CDN yesterday and have sinced moved to a new provider. Images in the designer may not appear correctly, but if you publish they should appear just fine.

To get around the issue of them not appearing correctly in the designer please email us at support[at] and we’ll work with you to get that fixed. Thanks!

Images are working OK, however in the settings panel all images give: 0x0 and an “Unknown” size.
Not sure if that will give a problem in the future?

I just republished and they are still broken, both in web flow and on live. I’ll email support today, thanks.

Same thing here, images in the settings panel are giving 0x0 and unknown size