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Images off the edge?

Hi there Web Flow community,

I have a simple (i hope) question and lack resources to show what I need - so bear with me please.

If you check out the image below, there are items (of food) going off the browser screen - I wanted to replicate this style, but my web flow browser expands past the width and it goes all out of whack, leaving white space on the side and so on and showing the whole image I want to crop.

I’m aware that there might be a chance that the background is an image with food already cropped, though i’m sure there’s another way?

I hope this makes sense, please ask any questions.

Hi @juliansocial, could you share your project public link? You can enable that from site settings in the Public link section, and we can see how you have the images styled in relation to the other elements on your page.

Here is a link to a tutorial on Background images and fill colors that might help.

You’re going to hate me but I like the page design like that :smiley:

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