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Margins on page

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how to achieve margins down the side of my website? I’m wanting my content on a white strip down the page, with a slightly off white background.
I’ve tried creating this with a container but it doesn’t give my content much space.

I’ve attached a screenshot of my designs - just not sure what they’re technically called in the webflow world to be able to search for help!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You could apply the off white colour to your Body, and use content wrappers with a max width of say 1200px or 1440px etc with the colour set to white. Contain these wrappers within a section that is flexed with content centred, and voila.

Here’s one of my projects where I use this structure. For your instance, you would simply ensure the Body and the wrappers are different colours.

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Thanks for your advice!
I managed it by setting a section to 100VW, flex centred. Within that a div with my desired white width, then my content is in a container!

Awesome! I highly encourage you to check out flexbox (I have a personal huge dislike of containers due to a lack of flexibility). You’re likely to find it much easier to make your site responsive by doing so, as opposed to using the fixed-widths of containers.

Glad your issue is solved though :slight_smile:

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