Image going outside of the website length to be croped

Hello, so I have a kinda particular issue.

I have some background to put on the website. There are kind of different ways of doing this. The right way would be to put the image as background image. Except this might not be a viable approach because in some pages, I will have to lock it from the left, and on other pages, lock it on the right.

The major challenge here is to avoid any constrat issue with the top navbar. Black must always be on the colored part of the image and white must always be on the black color. So I’m playing with the absolute positions.

The closest I manage to have from the desired result is visible here if you put the browser in like less than 500px width.

You can see that the image is overflowing on the right and that it makes the whole website wider than it should be. This is the Company page. The other pages might be broken because of the tests I’m doing. Once I have a working page, I will propagate the solution to the other pages.

If I use “Overflow : Hide” on the “Body” element. The result is ok on browser with low width but the image disapear on mobile.
If I use the image as website background in Contain mode, but I don’t manage to make the image sticking to the right of the website. Note that the way the image is displayed (and the image itself) change depending on each pages (you can actually navigate through the website, but you might end up on broken pages because of the test I’m doing to find a solution).
I tried to redo the image as Div’s with gradient background and turn them with Rotation transformation but it’s hell to do and way easier to do it with an image… Just stating this so you know I have control over that SVG image.
I tried various stuff like playing with z-index but nothing is better than the actual state.

Here is the read-only sharable link :

Any idea how I should proceed with that ?

Thank you in advance for reading me and helping me out! I’ve been stuck on this since yesterday and can’t figure out a way to workaround this issue or find a better way to do it. :frowning:

it is well known bad practice, search this forum why.