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Background image or picture in container? Confused

Hi Guys, I’m new to webflow and i’m creating my first website.
But so far i’m a bit confused :dizzy_face:

I just inserted a background image to cover the whole section’s width.

But when i resize the device the image gets cropped, not resized. So most of the text disappears.

I tried instead inserting a container and putting the image inside, which does resize, but it doesnt´cover all the website width, there’s blank spaces at both sides of the image.

So…, what’s the middle ground? :joy: How do I create an image that covers the websites width and resizes?
Any help is much appreciated!!


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Seems I figured it out.
You just need to keep it as a background image, but then for every version instead of “Auto” width, I just entered a manual value so it resizes.

So I hope this helps anyone in the future.

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