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Images disappearing

Just a warning…
I had a complaint from a customer today that a bunch of icons had disappeared from her Webflow-hosted site. I checked and she was right. About 60 icons had gone.
I checked into it and the images (which were all SVG) showed in the panel as ‘0px x 0px’, so they had left an ‘imprint’ but the actual image was gone - even when I readjusted the size. What was even more bizarre was that some of the icons were fine, then, after a couple more saves, they went too. I did a restore, but that did no good either.
The weird thing is that all of the missing icons were showing in the assets panel.
I dropped you an email but when I didn’t hear back I had to replace them, hence the lack of a share.
But there is something very weird going on there.

Hi @Hywel,

Thanks for contacting us about this, as this definitely sounds like odd behavior.

Would you be able to provide the Read-Only link to your project? We would be happy to take a look for you.

Thanks in advance :bowing_man:

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Sorry, I missed this. No, I replaced all 30 images and, so far they are all still there, you won’t be able to see what the issue is I’m afraid.

I think this is the same situation as described here. Not sure if a fix was deployed.

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Uh oh, yes this is the exact same situation im having too. Its happened multiple times. My thread is the one dram linked above. No solution yet or reasoning for this happening :frowning:

Thanks Tanya. Yes, this is a serious issue which I don’t think Webflow is addressing.

I wonder if it’s related to the code that makes up the SVGs…?

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