SVG disappear, Again


Am I the only one having SVG disappear from my project ?
My SVG and my uploaded background video seem to be gone.
Not the first time I am experiencing this issue unfortunately.

I am working on a Webflow Team which has obviously a paid account.
Do images disappear because the project does not have a hosting plan yet ?

My read-only link:

Link to the simplified website:

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong @Brando :pleading_face:
It is becoming increasingly frustrating not to be able to show work to the client for review.

Some screenshots:

I do have quite a bit of javascript in the custom code section of the page but nothing to be, I believe, threatening to the reliability of the asset manager holding my images or videos.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @anthonysalamin, just to confirm does this affect the other editors or just you?

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hey @webdev,

Thanks for getting back to me, yes it is the same error for everyone on the team. Our Webflow team is made of 5 people, we all work on different project within the designer, not the editor. I am the only one working on this project - a team mate just opened the project and told me the same thing, no SVG anymore unfortunately.

I had that bug somewhere around 20 times in the past 2 months. I was thinking one of my optimize technique was at fault, but no. Happened finally with my own SVGand SVG from icons packs, so that’s a bug I guess.

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Thanks for pinging me @anthonysalamin

This is a bug for sure and one our team is aware of and actively trying to resolve. We don’t have a clear timeframe for a fix, but we’re working at high priority on it.

Do images disappear because the project does not have a hosting plan yet ?

No this shouldn’t happen.

Can you please share the original SVG file that keeps disappearing? I’d like to do some testing on this end as up until this point we’ve not been able to reproduce the behavior on this end — making it much more difficult to troubleshoot.

@vincent can you share the project and the SVG file associated with your instance of this behavior?

​Thanks in advance, and I’m standing by for your reply!

Hi @Brando,

Thanks fo getting back to us.
I have at the moment only one single SVG asset which is still accessible here (hosted on webflow):

but for some reason dissociated from the Webflow Designer image.

Thanks for letting me know @anthonysalamin

It looks like deleting the image on canvas and dropping in the new one resolves the issue. I tested that this morning and it’s still in tact ( ~5 hours). Does replacing the image help on your end as well?

Is this related to the bug that I recently pointed out where .svg links become .json when imported via a csv file?

I also posted it on the Forum as: “.svg files converting to .json files”

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