Images and gifs don't resize properly

Hello there,

I’m really banging my head against my monitor by now. I’ve been looking at several people in the forum who have had similar issues, but not exactly the same hence I hoped someone could help me a bit and hopefully a bunch of other people struggling with this as well.

So whenever i have a gif or a video in my ‘project-img-side-by-side’ wrapper they break the aspect reatio and break my ‘hidden’ overflow parameter, whenever going above a certain browser width.

I’ve uploaded a screenshot of it here.
thanks in advance

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It’s not a problem when the browser width is below 1346px. It’s above that width that the portraits starts overlapping.

Another weird thing. It doesn’t happen if it’s not another ‘side-by-side-wrapper’. Here’s an example from one of the other pages where it’s a full width picture following the two side by side pictures.

anyone has any clue to why this is happening?

for anyone readign this I think i might have solved it myself.

I played around in the inspector for a while and i think the flex box wrapped the children in some weird way… don’t know if this is a long term solution. But if it brakes again I guess I’m still looking for the correct way to get around this problem…

not the correct solution… anyone out there who can help me?

is there a max height set somewhere in the webflow code i’m missing?
look here. The ‘project-image’ has no problem keeping the correct ratio

but the ‘side-by-side-wrapper’ doesn’t go above 1036 px… wth am i missing?