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Photos not scaling properly leaving placeholder visible

Dear Webflow community,

After Webflow’s latest update there were some responsiveness issues in both text and image formatting. I could solve them all except the image scaling issue.

The images look fine in the browser when I don’t scale the browser window. However, they become really small when I scale the browser window, revealing the placeholder. From a tablet or smatphone is even worse. In a gallery, some of them work and some don’t, having all of them the same size and resolution. I’m losing my mind because everything seems fine from the Designer preview but once published it shows these issues.

Here’s the link:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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My main issue is with the About section, where the team member photos look shrunk. I also attach screenshots from my mobile. I also saw that some images I had square are not “squeezed” from the right side, although the preview shows me they’re still square.

I’m not a designer nor a programmer, and the person that design my website is no longer available. In COVID times there’s no budget to hire anyone so I need to fix it myself. Thank you so much in advance for your great help! <3

Hello :slight_smile:

Stunning website! I took a look at your issue and I seem to have found a solution. Try giving those images a max-width of 100%, and a height of 100%.

I have attached an image as reference :slight_smile: Hope this helps! Let me know if you don’t come right.

Next time you come to Vienna get ready for a couple of glasses of wine, or beer, or cider, or all on me :smiley: THANK YOU so much, Nicole!!! It worked perfectly! If you ever need advice on VR production, VR here for you, haha.

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I’m sorry I missed this response! But I am so glad that all worked for you :smile: It’s absolutely no trouble at all - very happy to help.

Side note: it’s like you know me already - offering me that glass of wine :laughing:

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any other questions.