URGENT Images glitching by randomly resizing themselves SEND HELP!

Hey everyone! URGENT help please… My website is nearly ready to launch tomorrow and we have guests waiting to browse!

However some images randomly resize themselves.

In the designer view, they glitch up and down in size and alignment and sometimes they look good in the designer but not when published, it’s affecting my page title logos too which are images.

It’s stressful because a page could be fine, but if i click an image and make no changes, it will start glitching in size! I’ve read lots of other posts regarding this issue but none of the suggestions have worked with me i.e. 100% width and heights etc, i’ve tried loads of things, re-upload etc

It’s weird because I even pasted a whole section with image from a working page into a glitching page and then the new pasted section is affected.

All the classes for containers are linked between pages so I think the containers are fine, I literally have no idea because the copy and paste method of a working element is not resolving this either.

This is the read only link… Food and the Collaborate page are where the problems are in the Logo title and first single image. The Villa page is how they should look. Check the container sizes and you’ll see Container Slim width which holds the image looks smaller than Container Main on canvas even though they are set to the same width in px. Well it did but it keep fluttering in size by itself.


Any help would be massively helpful.

Here is the actual website, you’ll see the problem here on the pages mentioned www.oranja.com

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Can’t guess but it might be related to media srcset images.
You can regenerate those with CTRL+SHIFT+I, or disable them for a specific image with CTRL+SHIFT+O.

See the docs here;

Thanks for looking into it but this doesn’t work either, im stuck, not sure what else i can do

I’ve followed your description of how to reproduce the problem and I’m not seeing anything. Food and collab work the same as villa in the top logo and first image. Not seeing anything weird.

Maybe try clearing your cache, or try it from another computer?

Also try viewing it with your addons disabled, or in incognito mode.

Final thought is that if there is a problem, it may be related to your interactions. You could remove those for launch while you sort that out.

Other than that, support is your best bet, but you’ll need to be able to show the problem you’re experiencing so they can reproduce it.

Thanks for your message, it is clearer on this page. I’ve tried removing images from unneeded divs to see if that helps and played around with animations. Check out this link on the gallery and you’ll see the 3 images are not stretching across the same width as the photos above even though they are in the same container class


Screenshot attached. It appears to depend on the break point, on large screens it works and small devices, but in between some images are not filling our correctly.

I’ve cleared cache etc.

The demo isn’t working, but I think I can see the effect you’re describing now, which happens as you’re resizing the browser across breakpoints.

Here’s what you can do, 3 options for you;

Hey! Thanks so much for such a detailed look!

I applied 100% width and height to the affected photos and it appears to be working!

Thank you, very kind