Image upload through Zapier? IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE

For the love of all that is holy

I’ve been wrestling with Zapier (and others but mainly Zapier) trying to get images from my Airtable to upload to webflow CMS.

I’ve tried single image, multiple images, referencing plain text in an <img=src> via embed and the latter is the closest i’ve got (but no cigar). None of the image fields seem to work.


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(please help)

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @ThinkParachute, do you still need help with this? It should be a simple process with Zapier or similar.

Hey Glenn! You should be able to do this using a public image URL - I do it all the time using Which issues are you running into?

Hi @bullshark thanks for the reply. It feels like it should be simple. What i’ve found is that whichever field I try and pass an image to via Zapier (attachment, single image, multiple image) doesnt actually bring the image to the CMS. Just (to quote Taylor Swift) a blank space. Pure nothing. All other text fields work fine, just these pesky images that aren’t

Hey @Julian_Galluzzo thanks for the reply!

Interesting, so (forgive me for the question) you just pass the image URL to the attachment/single image/multiple image field and everything works? Or is it more a case of passing the url as a text param and using an embed and img=src?

Thanks in advance!

I just pass it in to the image field and it works! That being said, you need a public image link that ends in something like .jpg or .png. If its not publicly accessible, it wont work!