Trouble Uploading Single Images to Webflow CMS Items from Airtable


I’m encountering an issue with uploading a single image to a Webflow CMS item.

I’m currently developing a SaaS application that includes a collection named ‘Menu Items.’ For this, I’m utilizing Memberstack, Integromat, and Airtable. The application features a form for either updating or adding items to the menu, which includes an image upload field for item images. This field sends the image URL to Airtable, where I’m able to use the Attachment field to store images of the items. However, the problem arises when I attempt to send this URL back to Webflow to add or update the images in the Webflow CMS items. Despite my efforts, including turning off public access and following tutorials like this one:, I’m unable to resolve this issue.

If anyone has a solution or any suggestions, I would be greatly appreciative.

Here is my read-only link: LINK
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A first check would be to make sure that the image URL ends with a .jpg or .png (or any image type), meaning it is indeed an image file, not a web page including an image.

The second point is that Image URLs in Airtable expire, see this information from Airtable

Apps like PowerImporter and Whalesync can help you get round this issue when transferring image files from Airtable to Webflow, but they have a cost.

I hope this helps to start with, other members might have additional suggestions :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Sylvie_PI for your reply.
I read the airtable attachment url behavior and its confusing that I have no error in the integromat scenerio and image is updating correctly to airtable. I tried the updating cms collection item image directly from submitted image url which is like that. I can see that link in the input’s of the update cms collection module but I cannot see it in the outputs of the same module. I uploaded an image of the integromat scenerio maybe it helps to find a solution.

Apps like PowerImporter and Whalesync is another big cost for me as I already using 4 external apps, these are the options I will consider as a last resort.

Hope I can find a solution without using and external app.
Thank you for your answer again!