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Image infront of another image

been making websites for years.
new to webflow.
how do i put several clear images infront of another image?

how do i duplicate the page several times? (to avoid a set page and have to delete everything)
Example: or > > >
also it is not clear how i even move an image on the page!
thanks all

Looks like nobody uses this forum or the software

Hi Tempa, welcome to the forums and to Webflow!

Hopefully my answers below will you out out:

How do I duplicate a page?
To duplicate a page, go to the designer, click the pages dropdown in the top left of the designer, hover over the page you want to duplicate, click settings, in the top right hand corner you’ll see a duplicate icon, click that to duplicate the page. Here’s a screenshot!

How do I put several images in front of another?
This one is a little harder to explain via text, but I will try! When in the designer, you’ll want to drag a div block onto your canvas. Set that div block’s position to relative. Then, drag an image into that div block, upload an image, and give it a width or height. Now you have one image inside your div block. To put more images inside the same div block, drag another image into the div block. Set the image to position absolute and give it a width or height. Repeat to add a 3rd image. You can play around with the Z values to change the order in which each image stacks on top of one another. In order to change the Z value, the element must have a position other than static.

Hope this helps, enjoy Webflow my friend! It can seem overwhelming at first, but it’s amazing once you get through the learning curve.


thanks very much. will give it a try.
usually i can grag an image and move it where i wish. how is that done here?
there will be dozens of clear images that are links all over the big image.