How do i drag and drop an image?

I am used to another website builder where i could just pick it up and drag it to where the image to be.
Also i see there is a transparent setting for images, will that make it completely transparent?
So far it does not work.
Thanks all

Also the background is one large image to fill the screen.
How do i stop it putting lots of the image everywhere?
Just need the one image

Welcome to the community @temp ! :slight_smile: Webflow is unlike other “draag-n-drop” tools because it adheres to the fundamentals of web design which is HTML, CSS and the box model. For more information, please check out this article:

Hope this helps

Been there done that
As expected it was no help
Please include a read-only link to your Webflow site for the fastest help (community members won’t be able to help without it).
On this forum this makes no sense