Cannot move a link block

i need lots of links all over the page but i cannot move the link block.
do i need to put an image in them all?

looks like nobody knows answers to simple questions

Hey X, lots of people here can help you out, but you’ve done very little to assist anyone in solving your problem. For starters, please include a read-only link to your Webflow site for the fastest help (community members won’t be able to help without it). Once we have a link to your project, someone can take a look and try to walk you through solving your problem.

as you see this wont help at all

I disagree, I think it helped a lot. As shown in the screenshot below, I am able to “move” the Link Blocks using positioning and margins inside your project.

However, this is not really applicable to how a project would be built. You can’t really just drag and drop elements at any position, because that doesn’t coincide with the structure of how a website is built. I recommend checking out Webflow University to get a crash course on how the software works, specifically brushing up on the box model to learn a bit about how a webpage would be normally structured so you can control the positioning of elements in your design.

why are you keeping it secret EXACTLY what steps you took to move it.

i have been building websites for 20 years - on better software of course.

looked at lots of the tutorials- useless as expected for my application

Per my previous post, I used the margin and positioning attributes available in the settings panel for each element. Because different tools are, well… different, I recommend once again you take the time to learn how Webflow works so you can fairly judge it against your 20 years of experience using “better software.”

getting there. in you fuzzy image what part is the lower circle referring to?

remember this whole website is just one image with links in front.
how do i tell the links to stay with the back image?
before when i viewed the website - the image link was somewhere else. ( yes i put in an image so i knew where it was)

have added a background image

One of the things that makes Webflow unique is that it is a true bridge between hand-coding and a full designer. The circled areas on that image simply relate to CSS positioning, margins, and padding, which you should be very familiar with at your level of experience. You can use these elements, along with z-index to force your link block to a certain position on the screen, and stay above the image. All of these settings are available on the right side of the screen when you select them in your list of elements.

nearly there.
remember each software is different, some are very different.
this is the most different.
please look at the site now and tell me what arcane rulles are needed to keep the links with the main image when it is scrolled, and indeed when it is a website!
using the navigator i see there are 2 link blocks and another image.
how do i delete them?

If you want to delete an element, just click on it in the list and press the delete or backspace key on your keyboard.

I’m going to move on from this thread. I recommend you spend some time with Webflow University, which will teach you everything you need to know about the basics of using the software, and how to achieve any goals you have for your design.

Thank you Chris for your very important help.