The background image has been duplicated!

What is a read only link. forum says i have to use it but of course does not say how.
have used forums successfully for years- never seen that.
certainly a point AGAINST webflow.

anyway the background image should be just one image, WF multiplied it all over the place. what do i do?
Thanks fellow sufferers

PS i set the forum to watching on another post - never got notifications- yes there was a reply

Hey Anon

Your background-image is attached to the class. This is CSS and not WF. To get different background images you could either create a new duplicate class or add a combo-class to the existing one and changing the image. Hope this helps :smiley:

The second blue box called first gradient is a combo class.

i just want the one image to fill the screen!
how do i do that?
it just has to be behind all other images.
have not found the Z thingy to put it to the back

I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve. Can you share your read-only link by following this?

thanks i do not want anyone else to work on this simple website.
latest problem…
the large image which will behind all other images…
when i look at the website it is to one side. NOT in the middle.
if i move it to the right in your software, it goes behind the black box you have on the right!
how do i get it to be in the middle of the screen on laptops etc.
I am making a copy of my other sites- so i have made sites before!
using other companies

Hey Anon

Again, I can not help you without seeing where the problem is. The way you describe it doesn’t make sense to me. You either have to send me your read-only link (I can’t work on it, only see) or send me screenshots of what is happening.

Also, I am not employed by Webflow, just another user like you :smiley:

yes it makes no sense to me either!
can you reccommend another company that provides free websites for very simple websites.