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New to webflow, 4 site-specific questions

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Browser: Chrome

I’m new to Webflow and not a coder, so these questions may be pretty elementary. If someone could please make a demo video of how to make these changes, I’d appreciate it very much!

  1. How do I replace these photos that are in the background - for example the image of the couple wearing glasses)? I can’t seem to find this “image” in the navigator.

  2. Can I do photo effects on images right here in Webflow? For example, say I want to darken the above image so that the white text pops more.

  3. I’m unable to enlarge and horizontally distribute the logos at the bottom of the page. They seem to be constrained by column widths, but I can’t figure out how to adjust the column widths.

  4. How do I move the entire logos section above, including the blurry light background, up higher on the page (e.g., just below section 1)? I know that I can only move a div block into a new section (not a section into a section) - but not sure how to proceed here.

Hi @evepeters1

Your public link seems to be broken. Do you mind re-posting an active link.

1.) This image is most likely being set in the background section on the class that is assigned to that section.

2.) You can’t make any direct edits to photos on Webflow. You will need image editing software like Photoshop. You can use CSS to add a div with a darker semi-transparent background the overlaps the image. You can also use CSS to change the position and shape of the image, using the position and radius sections in the editor.

3.) I won’t be able to answer this question accurately without seeing the editor. However in the picture the logos appear to be horizontally distributed.

4.) You should be able to use the navigation panel to drag the section to the position you want. I will know more with a working public link.

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Sorry, here is the link:

No Problem,

1.) As I suspected the backgrounds are being set in the background section of the right hand tool bar. Simply select the section and change image there.

  1. I am not sure what you are trying to achieve here. Can you explain further? Do you mean vertically distribute?

  2. In the first picture you will see all your section displayed in the navigator. The section you want is the one above the footer. You can drag this section up and down the hierarchy you see. It will then move there on the page.

I hope this helps.

I would suggest watching all of the tutorial videos before you jump into webflow. Follow along if you like but most of these questions are answered within the videos.

Good Luck


Hi @evepeters1, on question #3, are you trying to make it so that each photo takes up 20% of the page width and have the fotos stretch from edge to edge, or do you want the 5 logos be equal dimension inside of a container?

One tip that will help in this situation, is to try to use the same size images for each logo. Cheers, Dave

Hi @cyberdave, thanks for the reply! I just want to be able to stretch some of those logos to larger than they currently are. It’s more that, than looking for a way to make everything equal sized. For example, I can’t enlarge The Boston Globe logo right now. Dragging the corner doesn’t work.

@Davidn thanks for the reply. I see the section that my photo is in, but still not able to swap it out. Perhaps you could make a video or provide more detailed instructions? Thanks very much in advance. This is regarding question #1.

To change background images, select the section or whatever the element is. Go to the style panel and under background you will see the current background image. You can then click that image name and a popup tab will open with a button saying “replace this image” on it. Click that and replace it. Keep in mind you will need a fairly large image to cover an entire section.

Please go watch the tutorial videos. Have you watched them yet? Most of these things are explained very well in the videos.