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Gallery, please! :D

Hello! I am working on a project right now where i am designing just a simple website for my dads holiday house. And i would really like to have a “normal” gallery on it.

Just a simple “plain” image gallery. Not a lightbox that opens when you click on an image/thumbnail… but a gallery just like this one in the example from weebly :smile: (see the bottom of the page)

The Image gallery element on the weebly website is build using Fancybox. And i know that i could of course just put my images on the site, export the site, and then integrate the Fancybox plugin afterwards. But i think the ability to just easily drag 'n drop an image gallery directly to your site would be very usefull. Quite simple, but still a really really very nice feature, that i´m sure a lot of already happy users, would be even happier to see, being added to Webflow!

I would love to know if it’s something that you are planing on adding? From what i’ve found on the forum here, it seems like that you have been planing on adding the Image gallery element to Webflow? As well as an asset-manager maybe? (

If not, are there then maybe anyone who has come up with a smarter way to make an image gallery with Webflow? :slight_smile:

Best to you all from Jonatan, a danish webflow fan! :smiley:

Well, the easiest way for now is to drop a row with columns in your site. Or drop a row and columns in a container if you want it centered on the page. It’s a really fast thing to do. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Jonatan_Ronsholdt , having a simple gallery widget with preset responsive layout is a great idea! We will let you know if it makes in an one of our widget updates :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

Thanks for the reply StevenP! That’s also what I’ve figured so far :smile:

Sounds awesome!! :smile:
Is it maybe possible for you to say when we all can expect some of these widget updates to roll out?

Best to all you guys at Webflom here from us in Denmark :smile:

Hi @Jonatan_Ronsholdt, We do not have ETA’s yet for these kind of updates or additions. We have some other updates that will first be released, then after that, we will have time to look at new widgets. I would recommend for the time being, that you use the image widgets to add your images, or perhaps set some divs with a background images set. There are a few ways to create this kind of gallery :smile:

Cheers, Dave