I'm making an auction site and need help handling the data

Hi everybody!

So I promised to make an auction site for an event.
I want the site to have a section for each object, displaying a picture, some description of the object and the current highest bid displayed.
The tricky part: a box where anyone can add an amount and their full name/email/phone number(aka bid on the object) and that would have the current highest bid change to the new amount entered(though only if that amount is higher than the previous).

Is this possible?

I relize I might be coming back asking for more help with the data sets here(for example if a person regrets the bid I need to be able to remove a bid and the current amount change to the next to highest bid). Also adding some kind of “username” would be nice, so a person adding a bid can be asked the first time to enter a bunch of contact details, and the times after only has to enter the user name provided(which would not be displayed, only the real name would be dislayed to anyone who wants to bid has to know the username of a person).

Please, help.

You can’t do this in Webflow only. Webflow is for front end design and basic CMS that is managed by admin.

It looks like you need some actual custom development for that, unfortunately.
Maybe one day, there will be some kind of IFTTT or Zapier integration to automate the back-end data entry based on form inputs. That would be awesome, but I don’t think it’s for the near future…

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