Website for auctions


Does anyone know how to build a site for live auctions? Is this even possible?


Hi Drew, I’m really interested in this feature too, do you have any news about this ?

Cheers !


Hi Drew, I don’t think It Is actually possible only with Webflow, btw Elfsight Is working on a tool for live auctions so the users can bus freely anytime until the auction ends. It Is still in a “coming soon” mode but let’s Hope for It.

Maybe you could write It Down in the Webflow Wishlist :smiley:

Che era!

Hi folks!

@Riccardo_Innocenti thanks so much for mentioning us! :blush:
@Drew_West @robinbeaudru we do have plans to release Auction widget and we do have it as our Coming Soon widget.

Please, feel welcome to vote for this app request here and get notified about all this request’s updates - Auction widget | Feature Wishlist.

Any ideas regarding the features and options you’d like to see in the widget are highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you and feel free to contact us if any help needed!

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