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Is this possible to build in Webflow?

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I’m looking at creating a website that allows a user to submit various data points and then allow any site visitor to look if that person they are looking for has submitted data (without being able to see the actual data). If the person they are looking for has submitted data they could then purchase this information which would be sent through email. I know I can use the forms functionality to allow users to submit data however, I’m unsure how I would go about the second half of what I’m trying to do.

Thanks you for your help, I REALLY appreciate it!


No. Your project requires a user system and an ecommerce layer. You coudl achieve ecommerce the classic way with webflow and some ecommerce service that you’d embed with custom code and CMS. But the user system is a no. Not yet.

A form on webflow only sends messages to an email (your email most likely)

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